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I am Sindy. I was born in Hong Kong and grew up there. Like many people, I had a very normal life in Hong Kong. I went to school, then university, then I found a job and started working in Hong Kong. Going to work, hating my job, working overtime and overtime, going home and sleep, and the days were repeating.

I was not happy. I knew this was not what I want. Not the job I like, not the environment and culture that I would like to live in.

I had a dream, to see other places, to do something that not most people are doing. To do something “not normal”. To chase for my dream. To find the meaning of life. Finally in 2010, I made up my mind. I quit my job and enrolled in a master program in a German University. This was the decision that changed my life, forever.

Here I am now. I have my life in Germany.

I found a job in Germany. My company also sent me to work in U.S. for a year as an expat. Afterwards, I met my husband in Germany. We make a small family and our little girl was born in 2017. We bought a house here. We settled down here.

I got often many questions from people:

Why do you move to Germany?

Why Germany?

How is life there?

Do you speak German?

How did you make up this decision to quit your job and move?

How did you make this alone?

What is the difference between Germany/Hong Kong/ US?

How did I manage to stay in Germany?

The question list goes on…….

I have always a dream, to write a book.

I love to write. And here in my blog, I can achieve my dream for writing. I am going to tell you all about Germany.

The difference between Germany and Hong Kong (and also U.S.).

How you can do the same to change your life.

How you can chase for your dream.

It is not that impossible than you think, and you don’t need a lot of money. I did not get any financial support, no loan, no money from parents.


Thanks for coming and I am sure you will enjoy reading my blog.

You are welcome to ask me any questions, or just write me anything!

3 Replies to “About”

  1. I don’t know but i like the US better than here in Germany. For example it is much easier to find a job in the US. You did not live there for more than a year though and your German employer sent you there, so its not the same as living there and looking for a job.

    1. Solem, you are very right that it is easier to find a job in the US. This really depends on the person. If someone can speak German fluently, they will find a job in Germany much easier. To decide which country is best for someone to live, there are many factors: the language, the culture, where your friends and family are, the jobs, etc. It is only my personal opinion that I like Germany better. I do admit that USA is better in some aspects (in terms of shopping, food, jobs, language, etc.) So, I guess it all depends on the person what they want. Thank you a lot for reading and leaving your valuable comment!

  2. We love living in Germany, too. And so glad that you managed to move out. Europe is really a great place to live in. We have friends in the US but we haven’t been there so far. Good luck on writing that novel one day!

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