How to cook white asparagus – Easy recipe for asparagus time

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Have you seen white asparagus before moving to Germany? Have you noticed that there are white asparagus everywhere in Germany at the moment? It is the “Spargelzeit” now in Germany! Spargelzeit means asparagus time literally. It starts in April until end of June.  It is the time when white asparagus are harvested. You will see white asparagus everywhere: in supermarket; in fresh market; or directly on the fields. So, what is the best and easy recipe for cooking asparagus? Continue reading “How to cook white asparagus – Easy recipe for asparagus time”

Drinking beer during breakfast?

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Everybody knows that German people love drinking beer. Beer is like part of their culture. If you are visiting your friends, eating out in restaurant, going to a bar, you cannot escape from beer. This is the drink that every local has at home. This shouldn’t be something surprising. If you have been to Germany already, you know how good it tastes.

What about having beer during breakfast? Would you like that? Continue reading “Drinking beer during breakfast?”