As a foreigner living in Germany, it can be quite hard at the beginning. Especially if you are not good in the German language. German is definitely not the easiest language to learn. Plus all the other hassles at the beginning, it can be very frustrating:

Looking for a flat is unbelievably difficult…

Dealing with the authorities where nobody is speaking English (even in visa office for foreigners!)…

Collecting all the papers for each and everything (the German are crazy about paper and are in my opinion, very, very inflexible/ don’t forget that all papers are in German as well)…

Looking for a job as a foreigners, obviously not the easiest thing either…

Plus the lack of understanding in German culture can sometimes cause misunderstanding…

I have been through all this and can fully understand the frustration. Fortunately for me now all these beginning hassles have been over and I can finally enjoy my life in Germany without all these worries any more.

You can do the same.

My blog is here to share my experience, and to help anyone who is still struggling with all these things above. I struggled a lot in the first few years when I moved to Germany. I hope to help other people, who are in similar situation like me, so that they can get used to the German life as fast as possible.

Yes, I am a real person!

You are welcomed to write me anything or ask me any questions. I would be more than happy to share my tips and help!

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  1. Hello,

    I came across your blog because i am also looking for a job in Germany. Do you happen to have the list of companies that you applied (its a long shot but i just feel so desperate atm).
    Any tips ?
    Hope to hear back from you

    1. It has been some years ago and unfortunately I do not have the list any more. If you study in Germany, you may ask your university of a list of where the former students applied.

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