German Parenting Style: What are the Secrets?

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Ever wondered what the German parenting style is like? Compared to how I grew up in Hong Kong, it’s like a whole different world of raising kids. And I’m excited to share some cool insights with you. In Germany, they’ve mastered the art of teaching independence, responsibility, and having super open chats with their little ones. It’s a parenting adventure, and we’re diving in to discover what makes it so special!

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Einschulung – Starting School in Germany

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Curious about starting the school journey in Germany? Get ready for a thrilling dive into the world of Einschulung – the grand entrance to German schools. With oversized backpacks and candy-filled cones, the German back-to-school scene is an unfolding adventure. Let’s explore the traditions and surprises that come with sending your little one on their first day of school in Germany.

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Making a Will in Germany – Why I Did It Already in My 30s

Nobody likes to think about death. We cannot control what happens in our life. But we can be prepared in case something happens. This is the reason why we have insurance. Making a will in Germany is the same. I made a will not for myself, but for my loved ones. I want to be prepared and give my loved ones the best even if I pass away. In this article, you will learn about the different types of wills in Germany, the cost of making a will, how the inheritance law in Germany works, some tips about making a will in Germany, and more. Continue reading “Making a Will in Germany – Why I Did It Already in My 30s”

13 Tips for Working From Home with a Toddler

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In this post, you will find tips for working from home with a toddler. These tips were written during the coronavirus crisis in 2020 when all the schools and daycare centers were closed in Germany for months. Parents were forced to work from home with their kids at home. You can use these tips now also when your daycare center is closed but you still have to work. Most daycare centers in Germany are closed 40 days a year.
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