How to Make the Best Cold German Potato Salad – Simple Grandma’s Recipe

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German people love eating potatoes. Potato dishes come in so many different ways. Warm or cold. In this post, I want to share a cold German potato salad recipe from a German grandma. It is super easy to make. Just mix everything together 🙂

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White Asparagus Soup (Spargelsuppe) – Easy and Creamy Recipe

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If you have not yet tried white asparagus, you definitely should! Especially now during the white asparagus season. If you love white asparagus as much as I do, then try out my white asparagus soup recipe! It is easy; it is creamy; it is elegant and gives you a luxury feeling. A bit of lemon juice together with the white asparagus heads as toppings, you just have to try it because it is impossible to describe this sensation with words. Continue reading “White Asparagus Soup (Spargelsuppe) – Easy and Creamy Recipe”

How to cook white asparagus – Easy recipe for asparagus time

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Have you seen white asparagus before moving to Germany? Have you noticed that there are white asparagus everywhere in Germany at the moment? It is the “Spargelzeit” now in Germany! Spargelzeit means asparagus time literally. It starts in April until end of June.  It is the time when white asparagus are harvested. You will see white asparagus everywhere: in supermarket; in fresh market; or directly on the fields. So, what is the best and easy recipe to cook asparagus? Continue reading “How to cook white asparagus – Easy recipe for asparagus time”