Moving back home after living abroad

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“Should I stay here, or should I move back home?” Do you have this feeling from time to time, when you live abroad?  I moved to Germany and in my opinion, Germany is really a very nice country to live in. However, I do have this feeling from time to time, and I wonder, if I should really stay in Germany for good. This feeling was especially strong in my first year in Germany. In this post, I will talk about what it is like to move back home after living abroad. Continue reading “Moving back home after living abroad”

How I quit my job and moved abroad

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What do you think was the best decision in your life? Changing a job? Moving to another city? Having kid? I am sure there will be a few things coming into your mind when you ask yourself this question. It is not an easy question. But now when you think about the decision you have made, you would probably say, “Thanks god that I have done that!” In this post, I will tell you how moving abroad being one of the best decisions in my life. Continue reading “How I quit my job and moved abroad”