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  1. Avatar Mathew Emmanuel says:

    Does my choice between a 3 semester course and a 4 semester course affect my duration of stayback after studies to search for a job?

    1. If you satisfy the requirement, you can apply for a job seeking visa after your graduation. Your choice between three or four semester course should not affect the duration of your job seeking visa.

  2. hello,
    very glad to find your page as i’m 100% Hongkonger and living work aboard in Germany. First year know nothing about everything. thus by reading your article about sick leave system, health insurance are just like a light tower in a dark ocean. A quick question, is it necessary to do I have to do tax declaration? i don’t know any german yet but if hire a taxi advisor not sure if it’s worth and dun know any good one in FFM. Looking forward for your reply

    1. Hi Coco,

      Thanks a lot for reading my blog. I am glad to hear that it can help you!

      If you are working in Germany, yes you have to do tax declaration unless you are in tax class 1 and 4.
      Do you speak German? If not, it may be easier to use a tax advisor.
      Unfortunately I cannot recommend one in FFM.
      But you can ask your colleagues for recommendation there.

      I may write another post about tax in the future.
      Stay tuned and I hope it can help others who are on the same boat.


  3. Avatar Lydia Kiwanuka Namyalo says:

    I love Germany Gus because they are principled. I want to be married to a German between 48-58.
    Iam a Ugandan National aged 43

  4. Avatar Alain Jarry says:

    My fiancee living and working in Germany was supposed to join me in France on the 17th of August for her 12 days vacation….this morning ,the 12th of August , she broke her toe ,and was given 4 to 5 weeks sick leave….of course…our vacation is ruined ,as you can imagine…my question is …when she is healed …by the end of September , is she still allowed to take that ruined vacation…?? thank you for your help

    1. She can cancel her original vacation and fill the period with her sick leave. And those original vacation days will not be used and she can move those vacation days to a later time.

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