Baptism in Germany – All you need to know about Taufe

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Let’s get into the world of baptism in Germany! Learn about godparents, what baptism (Taufe) really means, and how young Germans handle traditions like confirmation and communion. Find out how they mix faith, family, and fun in these important moments of their lives.

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Moving to a New City – 4 Best Tips for Adjusting to Life (Seoul vs. Berlin)

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Moving to a new city may not be an easy task for many. I can totally understand that as I have moved from Hong Kong to Germany all by myself. Having said that, there are things that you can already do before moving to a new city. Doing these things can help you to adjust to your new life easier. In this article, Chelsea will tell you her story of moving from Seoul to Berlin. She will also give you her 4 best tips to make life easier when moving to a new city.

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Coronavirus Masks – A HongKonger’s Experience in Germany

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Do you wear face masks during the Coronavirus outbreak? As a Hong Kong woman who lives in Germany, I followed the news about Coronavirus closely in both Hong Kong and Germany. There are some differences in mentality between the two countries, especially regarding the face masks. In this post, I will share my experience and opinion regarding the Coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong and in Germany. Continue reading “Coronavirus Masks – A HongKonger’s Experience in Germany”