Relocating to Germany or new in Germany? You can find all the useful resources you need on this page here! There are many providers in the market. But we recommend using below providers as they are expat-friendly (many are in English!). I personally use many of these providers and can highly recommend them based on my personal experience.

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Finance in Germany

Insurance in Germany:

TK Public health insurance with English support (sign up here in English)

Ottonova Private health insurance that is 100% in English, paperless, and with fast reimbursement

GetSafe An insurance company that is paperless, cancelable anytime, and in English. It offers Home insurance,- Dog liabailibty insurance, Law protection insurance, Personal liability insurance, Car Insurance, and more. It is also in English and daily cancellable. You can get a 15 EUR discount by signing up using our links.

Tarifcheck – An online comparison portal for different types of insurance in Germany.

English banking options in Germany:

Tomorrow – Digital bank that focuses on environmental protection, 0 monthly fee, and no German residency required

Bunq easy bank – Digital bank with low monthly fee, no German residency required, and low fee when spending abroad

Bunq easy money – Digital bank that doesn’t require German residency and send money with real exchange rate

N26 – Digital bank with 0 monthly fee and no German residency required

Commerzbank – Free current account with minimum deposit of 700 Euro, and with 50 Euros starting bonus

Deutschebank – Free for students under 30

Wise (Formerly Transferwise) – Free multi-currency borderless account that allows you to convert your currencies with the real exchange rate

International money transfer

Currencyfair – 3 Euros fee no matter how much you exchange and a very cheap exchange rate – Get 10 free transfer now

Work in Germany

Portals to look for a job in Germany:

Jobs.deGerman portals for jobs in Germany – Job portals with jobs in Germany and other European countries

LinkedIn International professional network to help you to find a job worldwide

XING – A German version of LinkedIn

TUM University job portal (I found my job in Germany there) – Earning extra money by looking for jobs here like babysitting, cleaning, etc. 

Checking your salary

Linkedin Salary – You can check if you are getting paid enough here and also look for jobs in Germany

Gross to net calculator – Put in your gross salary here to see how much net salary you will get in the end

Tax in Germany

Steuergo – File your tax return here in English

Tax calculator – Use this calculator to estimate how much income tax you have to pay

Yourxpert – Get a free online initial assessment from a tax advisor

Property Tax International – International tax adviser for German property tax if you do not live in Germany

Other useful resources

English financial adviser – Just write him an email and mention my blog “My Life In Germany” to get free independent financial advice based on your individual situation (choosing insurances, investment, etc.)

Free online mortgage calculator – Quickly estimate how much mortgage you can get and the interest rate

Study in Germany

Make-it-in-Germany – Official German government website about visa information – Information about university study programs in Germany

Relocating to Germany

To help you relocating to Germany:

Post forward service – Offered by Deutsche Post to direct all your letters from your old address to your new address

Sirelo movingGet 5 free quotes from professional movers

Portals to look for a flat in Germany:

Immobilien Scout 24


WG gesucht

Find an energy provider for your home in Germany:

Ostrom – 100% green energy, simple plan with no confusing fees, services in English

Check24 – A portal to compare different energy providers

Verivox A portal to compare different energy providers

Portals to compare service providers for mobile, internet, phone or TV:

Check24Compare service providers for internet, fixed phone line or TV

Verivox Compare mobile phone packages, and internet/ fixed phone line/ TV

Other resources for relocating to Germany

Lingoking – Cheap and convenient translation service online

Yourxpert– Get a free online initial assessment from a lawyer.