Insurance in Germany – Which one do you need?

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When living in Germany, be prepared to hear people talking about insurance all the time. You can always find insurance to insure anything you want. Germans are very organized people. They plan for the unexpected and like to have everything covered and feel safe. This is something I struggled to understand when I first moved to Germany. In this post, I will describe why Germans are so into insurance, the most common types of insurance in Germany and why you need them. Continue reading “Insurance in Germany – Which one do you need?”

Marriage in Germany

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Are you planning to get married to your German partner? Are you thinking about where you should get married? Should the marriage be in Germany, or back in your home town, or both? I went through the same struggle a few years ago when I got married. I am from Hong Kong, and my husband is from Germany. In the end, we decided to get married not in Hong Kong, not in Germany, but in New Zealand! In this post, I am going to tell you why, and also what you should know about German weddings. Continue reading “Marriage in Germany”

Driving in Germany – German driving license and driving rules

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What should you expect if you plan to drive in Germany or to get a German driving license? Even though I had a Hong Kong driving license, I still had to go through the theory and practical driving exam in Germany to exchange for the German driving license. In this post, I will share my experience of how I got my German driving license, and what I learned about driving in Germany. Continue reading “Driving in Germany – German driving license and driving rules”

Living in Germany – Big City vs. Small Town

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I grew up in Hong Kong, a city with a population of more than 7 million people. During my studies, I have lived in other big cities like Prague and Berlin. I was so used to live in big cities that I thought I could never live in a small town. Some years ago, I decided to move to a small town in Germany with less than 50,000 people due to my internship. Before moving there, I was worried that living in a small town would be very boring and inconvenient. Surprisingly, I was not bored at all and fell in love completely with this town. Ever since then, I think I can never live in a big city again. Continue reading “Living in Germany – Big City vs. Small Town”

Supermarkets in Germany: What to expect and how to save money on groceries

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Going to supermarkets in Germany was a totally new experience for me. The way how it works in Germany is completely different than in Hong Kong or the US. In this post, you will find a list of “strange things” that you will notice when visiting supermarkets in Germany. I have also included some tips here about how you can save money when doing grocery shopping in Germany. Continue reading “Supermarkets in Germany: What to expect and how to save money on groceries”