Church Tax in Germany 2022 – How to Stop Paying It?

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What is church tax in Germany? Do you know if you are paying for it now? And more importantly, how to stop paying it? In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about church tax in Germany. This includes the amount and calculation, the different types of church tax in Germany, how to stop paying it, and what are the consequences.

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Unemployment Benefit in Germany – Application Guide for Expats

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In this article, you will find everything you need to know about unemployment benefits in Germany, including unemployment benefit I (Arbeitslosengeld I) and unemployment benefit II (Arbeitslosengeld II/ Hartz IV). You will learn about their differences, how much money you can get, the duration of the benefits, and how you can apply for the benefits. Continue reading “Unemployment Benefit in Germany – Application Guide for Expats”