Guest posting guidelines

What topics are we looking for?

Travel stories in Germany

We are looking for travel stories and storytellers. Your story should not simply contain information about the travel destination. We want to hear as well how your travel has transformed your way of thinking, what is your personal connection to your travel destination, or what you have learned via traveling. Articles with insider tips of a specific travel destination are also accepted.

German food

Any topics relating to German food are accepted. For example, recipes, baking, healthy living, nutrition, diet, dining, etc. Please make sure that your article is related to German food or lifestyle. You should also tell us why you love (or hate) the food, and the tradition or history of the food if applicable.

Your unique experience about moving to Germany

Why do you move to Germany? Do you have an exciting story to tell? How did you overcome the challenges when you moved to Germany? Can your story inspire other people to move to Germany as well? We are looking for interesting and motivating stories!

Any other topics relating to studying, working, and living in Germany

This includes any how-to guide, tips & tricks, or any other interesting stories that happened in Germany. Your article should be useful for people to learn and understand about life in Germany.


If you are interested in writing a guest article, please first provide an outline of your article. Your outline should include:

  • The title of your guest article
  • A summary of your guest article (about 200 words)
  • A paragraph outline
  • A short bio of yourself and a link to your website/ blog/ social media if applicable

Please do not send me a full article before providing your outline! Your final article should be preferably 1,500+ words.

We have a very high-quality standard for guest posts. If you really want to have your post published here, you will have to put your effort in. And show us your high standard.

No ads, please

Please do not send us your sales pitch included in an article. We do not want spam. If your guest post is accepted, we will link back to your website or bio. But we do not want any ads in the guest article. What we want are authentic personal stories.

Why should you write a guest post for us?

We will provide a link back to your site. If your guest article is selected and published, we will promote the article in our newsletter and also via our social media channels.

Other things to know

For the posts that you submit, please note the following:

  • All articles are subject to editing.
  • Headlines and subheads are subject to change.
  • Content may be edited for style, tone, or substance.
  • Your content must be original.
  • Links may be added or edited for context.
  • Art will be added at the discretion of My Life In Germany

Submitting your post does not mean that it will be published. My Life In Germany reserves the right of final publication.

If you are a publicist submitting a guest article for your client, you acknowledge that My Life In Germany will view your submission as a formal acknowledgment of the terms and conditions agreed by your client.

Before sending us any guest post, you indemnify My Life In Germany from any claim or impairment that may arise as a consequence of your ‘factual’ statements being fictitious or any infringement of a right of any third party.

By submitting a guest post, you accept the terms and conditions concerning each and every single piece within your guest post, including but not limited to copy, photographs, and illustrations sent to us.

By sending us photographs you authorize the following:

  • You are the sole owner and copyright holder of the photograph taken and that all the rights attached to the image belong to you;
  • The photograph is not cooperative or a plagiaristic piece of work;
  • The photograph is original.

All materials submitted may be used as future advertising or publicity for My Life In Germany. We accept everything from text to illustrations to photographs. Please submit any images as high-resolution for us to review along with all credits.

Thanks for submitting your guest post. We hope to share your valuable insight with our community.