Tax classes (Steuerklassen) in Germany – Can you really save money?

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The different tax classes can sound complicated to expats in Germany. What are the different tax classes? What do they mean? Which tax class is the best for your individual situation? Can you really save tax by changing your tax class in Germany? In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about tax classes in Germany.

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Easter Traditions in Germany – Celebrating Easter the German Way

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Ever wondered how Easter is celebrated in Germany? Curious about the delicious traditional foods the German people enjoy during this festive season? Want to know why Easter is such a big deal in Germany and when exactly it falls on the calendar? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’re diving deep into the Easter traditions in Germany. Get ready to learn all about it!

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German Parenting Style: What are the Secrets?

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Ever wondered what the German parenting style is like? Compared to how I grew up in Hong Kong, it’s like a whole different world of raising kids. And I’m excited to share some cool insights with you. In Germany, they’ve mastered the art of teaching independence, responsibility, and having super open chats with their little ones. It’s a parenting adventure, and we’re diving in to discover what makes it so special!

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Employment & Labor Law in Germany – Know Your Employee Rights

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In this guide, we’ll talk about your rights as an employee, based on the employment & labor law in Germany. This includes your holiday entitlement, sick leave/ family leave benefits, and more. You will also learn about different types of work contracts, what to do if you face termination, and how to get support if you have a conflict with your employer. Join us on this journey to understand and assert your rights as an employee in Germany!

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Einschulung – Starting School in Germany

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Curious about starting the school journey in Germany? Get ready for a thrilling dive into the world of Einschulung – the grand entrance to German schools. With oversized backpacks and candy-filled cones, the German back-to-school scene is an unfolding adventure. Let’s explore the traditions and surprises that come with sending your little one on their first day of school in Germany.

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Deregistration in Germany: Why and How to Deregister (Abmeldung)

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Leaving Germany and moving abroad can be an exciting adventure, but it also involves some bureaucratic steps. One important task to complete before you go is deregistration in Germany (Abmeldung), which involves officially informing the local authorities that you no longer live in the country. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about deregistration in Germany. We will also provide you with some helpful tips to deregister in Germany to ensure a smooth departure.

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