Current real estate investment offers in Germany

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Current real estate investment offers in Germany

At the moment, there are real estate offers in Bestensee, Dresden, Kassel, Leipzig, Magdeburg, Nürnberg, Gernsbach, and Wedel. New flats will be built in these cities, and they are open for sale now. These are high-quality flats in excellent locations, perfect for real estate investors.

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20224Q real estate investment overview

Below you can see some details of the flats in each of these cities.


Flat size: about 20-27 m²
Purchase price: about 6,950 €/m²
Estimated rental income: about 15.5-18.5 €/m² (Rental pool)


Flat size: about 74-85 m²
Purchase price: about 295,000-335,000 €
Estimated rental income: about 8.13-10.12 €/m²


Flat size: about 50-112 m²
Purchase price: about 5,600 €/m²
Estimated rental income: about 13 €/m²


Flat size: about 50-107 m²
Purchase price: about 4,920-5,520 €/m²
Estimated rental income: about 12.3-13.8 €/m² 


Flat size: about 38-149 m²
Purchase price: about 4,800 €/m²
Estimated rental income: about 11.5 €/m² 


Flat size: about 45-78 m²
Purchase price: about 4,800 €/m²
Estimated rental income: about 11.5-12.5 €/m² 


Flat size: about 40-85 m²
Purchase price: about 2,500-2,550 €/m²
Estimated rental income: about 6.6 €/m² (Rental pool)


Flat size: about 33-119 m²
Purchase price: about 4,999 €/m² (Monument with tax savings)
Estimated rental income: about 11 €/m² 


Sound interesting?


Happy flat hunting 🙂