Current real estate investment offers in Germany

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Current real estate investment offers in Germany

At the moment, there are real estate offers in Kassel, Hamburg, Leipzig and Dresden. New flats will be built in these cities, and they are open for sale now. These are high-quality flats in excellent locations, perfect for real estate investors.

If you want to get one of these flats, be fast and talk to my financial adviser as soon as possible. I personally bought 2 investment properties from him, and I am super happy with my decision.

My financial adviser speaks perfect English and can explain all the details to you thoroughly. All the work will be taken care of, including property selection, location research, mortgage, and tenant management. Rental guarantee and rental pool are also possible. Check this article to see how it works.

You can contact him and mention my blog “My Life In Germany” to get a free consultation.

Below you can see some details of the flats in each of these cities.


202405 Kassel

  • Affordable purchase prices from € 278,000 purchase price and from € 18,000 equity
  • With full financing, no own contribution, but a surplus from the outset
  • More than €13,000 discount on equity by the seller for individual apartments
  • Low-interest KfW-40 development loan of €150,000 per apartment
  • Apartments with a purchase price reduction of over €100,000
  • Perfect location: city with 8,000 missing apartments, population growth, car-free project on a sunny plateau
  • Fantastic architecture and fittings

The 5-minute image video about the project: click here

The 46-minute presentation video on the location, all property details, the story, the sample calculation and pre-reservation: click here

The 6-minute video on the new 150% higher tax incentiveclick here

All property documents, the exposé, the floor plans etc. are available here: click here

Password: Kassel2024


Recently, there is a massive oversubscription. Please submit your requests as early as possible to my financial adviser so that the forms and the preliminary financing check can be done in good time.

The deadline for pre-reservations is Wednesday, May 22, 2024, at 3 p.m.


202405 Hamburg

  • From € 35,000 equity capital
  • No additional payment of your own, without an initial monthly down payment
  • Only a few remaining apartments 
  • now also with the new 150% higher tax subsidy
  • Best location: Elbe and Hafen-City

Here is the 23-minute video with the location, all the project details and the outstanding story: click here

Here is the 21-minute video with the new calculation including the 150% higher tax subsidy: click here

The 6-minute video on the new 150% higher tax incentiveclick here

Leipzig and Dresden202405 Leipzig

  • From € 40,000 equity capital
  • Even with full financing without initial monthly personal contribution, tenant and tax office pay 100%
  • Full amortization of construction costs in just 12 years, usually €200,000 tax advantage and KfW subsidy per apartment
  • EUR 150,000 low-interest KfW subsidized loan with additional repayment subsidy, loan interest rate below 1% possible
  • In the No. 1 growth city: Leipzig
  • Or in Europe’s Silicon Valley – Dresden, with already more than 80,000 jobs in microelectronics and another 4 global corporations that will invest a further € 24 billion (directly or indirectly create another 20,000 new jobs in the high-tech industry)
  • Ecological concept including use of geothermal energy, PV system, outdoor pool 12×5 meters heated with own heat pump

The 26-minute explanatory video on the subject of monuments: click here

Sound interesting?


Happy flat hunting 🙂